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Tuesday, October 18, 2016; 7:18 AM

G’morning, Good People!

I’ve a few question for you all this AM: Are you willing to accept (PLATONIC) #Love? Do you love? How, Who and Why do you love? Is your love at all dictated by or soley dependent on a desire for reciprocity? How can you be more loving/spread love wherever you are?

Why am I asking? Start #StLog:
We have all witnessed deflection or done the rejecting ourselves when shown love through complements. Instead of a simple, “Thank you” we force extra modesty saying stuff like, “Awe nah! That’s you!” “Tryna get on your level, doc!” “Quit playing” or flat out deny, deny, deny! LOL. I know I’m guilty of that behavior; my paint is still wet (#UnderConstruction). Lately I’ve experienced something disturbing to me. I have noticed an increasing number of people struggle receiving the phrase “I love you” without some sort of qualifier that, in most cases, negates the seriousness those words. Not just the words either. Acts of love, helpfulness & general kindness. Many even question their worthiness of the directed love as though they’re undeserving or dismiss it as “Thirst”. Well, I wanna help some soften of the societal callouses & dismantle misguided pride that I think play a part some of the inability to accept platonic love by sharing a bit of my love’s motivation. Below is why/how/who EYE love. Now, take this #Agape, #Phileo & #Storge! It’s okay. Here you go… I Love YOU!

Behind My ILY bka #FinePrint:
-Yes, I am sure! Final answer. 😉
-Of course it is relative; there are layers & levels to this but yep, tis indeed love.
-ILY because I’ve been forgiven… a lot! And, forgiving others lifts a huge burden from me. #Forgiveness (not forgetfulness or blockade from consequences) is a full circle love impacting all involved.
-Because I was built to love. And, because I am so loved, I have plenty love to share.
-No, I am not dying or planning to soon but, if I do go, now you know…!
-Because love is a huge proverbial bouquet of flowers best when given in real-time rather than retroactively; Tomorrow or even later today aren’t promised.
-I am not IN love with you/I’m not ‘bae’. This ain’t 60s-90s R&B (LOL); most love isn’t #Eros & none of this post is. I mean, “don’tchu put that on me, Ricky Bobby!” Amen? Amen.
-ILY because I just do
-ILY because grace & mercy…
-ILY because everybody needs love
-Because, although I’m still paying for college (10,000 years later, LOL-thru tears) & funding my own career (keep us business owners/independent contractors lifted, ya hear?), my greatest aspiration aim is to #GiveLove & owe no one anything but to love!
-ILY where you are in life right now, your growth as well as your potential/promise(s)
-ILY (& myself) enough to, when warranted, express boundaries, tell you ‘no’, call you on your folly, and/or love you from afar.
-No, I am not buttering you up; no ulterior motives
-Nope, I don’t have a crush on you or #WannaBeStartinSomethin (please don’t hit my inbox with foolishness, LOL-but really).
-There is unbelievable strength in love; it’s my super power
-ILY because hate, much like crack, is wack!
-Irrespective of your faith, life, race, condition, etc… #ILY, NEIGHBOR!
-Even if never one-on-one, ILY uniquely & just for who you are. That’s BeYOUtiful!
-I say & show it as much as possible because I am #Human, a weirdo & lifelong socially awkward person (LBVS). I know what it’s like to wonder, be hurt/rejected/unwanted/unfairly judged & feel unloved/invalid/dismissed/misunderstood/like slaw. You should hear/know that you are valued, special, necessary, supported, dope and loved!
-It is the crux of my faith and communion with #God; I love everybody!
-I’m a loving person & active in the full spectrum of love (from high-fives to hugs to flipping tables to #BLM to swift yet tactful rebuke).
-It helps me love/accept myself more & more. #Brillianaire
-It isn’t based on deeds/kind words/gifts/money (I’ll gleefully accept those, tho)
-It’s not to hear the words or feel the sentiment back. Either way, I am blessed to know I am wealthy with love.
-Because I strive to walk in Love, Joy, Peace, Long Suffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness…
-My bare minimum is thee BIGGEST #LOVE; ILY from my whole heart and with the love of the real, #LovingKindness #Jesus…
(please note: not slave trade to imaginary “post racial” #WhiteJesus or the condemnation drenched false depiction of the Lord in on the lips of hateful, bigoted, cowardly & wayward people).

I am NOT saying I have it all together or that universal, unconditional & meciful love is easy… AT ALL. It is actually the exact opposite of that; Still I press…! I hope this makes sense. I’d edit & proof if I were rested… 😨

Now, Be loved & loving! You’re worth it all!

9:01 AM

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