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Sunday, July 10, 2016, 2:10AM
This article (link below) just triggered a memory… #StLog

Last summer, following a performance, I sat in a restaurant in Vail, CO with three of my vocal colleagues. As we awaited our checks, an elderly white woman made her way to over to congratulate us on "a wonderful show". We all offered our genuine thanks and expected her to head back over to her table when she invited herself to SIT DOWN… next to ME. Of all of those gathered, she plopped her tail down next to "fresh off of a #MikeBrown memorial" ME…

Lemme pause to give a little annotation.
Vail, to many-myself included, is synonymous with white, wealthy residents & pricy vacation spots. There were MAYBE 20 POCs at the show. About 14 of us were performers, 1 the MC, 1 Denver politician, 1 a "plus one"… you get it.

Okay so, lady sits next to me and proceeds to tell us that her son wants a "black funeral" because she owns several nursing homes that said son manages and "when the black employees or residents die, he goes to the services and they’re just so much fun with the black Gospel singing and all…"

Can y’all see my face? There’s no such emoji… But, wait… she had more offensive offense to pass off as niceties. She went on to tell us she was 83, from St. Louis and had heard MLK speak in person. "He was so articulate and NON-VIOLENT…" *insert my "whet, lady?" face*
"I mean he had a real grasp of the English language… It was unbelievable how well he could speak. And, I just wanted to tell you that that’s your leader. Not that Al Sharpton or those Black Lives people… I mean they are getting more and more police killed every day…"
Me (I’d held on as long as I could…): "No ma’am. Not at all…" I started by letting her know that crime against police was actually DOWN in 2015 and that the #BlackLivesMatter movement is about basic human rights & dignity and resisting & defending against violence, not instigating it. Additionally, love him or hate him, there is a good LOT of incidents of racial injustice that Rev. Sharpton brought to the light of mainstream that we needed to know about…
Old Lady: "Well, I guess that’s true but Martin Luther King Jr is your TRUE leader; follow him."
Me: "Right into the grave, huh?" 😒
Her: 😯

Police are safer under Obama than they have been in decades – The Washington Post


Monday, August 12, 2014, 12:19 PM

My prayer is that we love. I pray that we intentionally exercise love in all that we do. God, please teach us how to love; that we will learn to adequately love ourselves and use that internal love to exhibit and practice GRACE both toward ourselves and in how we accept, view, listen, learn and interact with others. Help us to truly help one another. Help us be longsuffering and peaceful in what we say, do, think and feel. Lord, help us to love; help us always choose to love. #IJN, Amen.

I am floored by how many people unashamedly spew venomous and hateful speech in regard–or disregard to human life. And, then want to "Bible beat" to somehow justisify their outlandishly calloused words, using a misquoted, half of scripture about LOVE, no doubt… Come on! Like, really? And then, want to go deeper into hate speech by asserting what mortal deaths/lives matter MORE than others? Do you folks not see how you are arguing something contrary to the cause your are currently trying to champion?!

The very crux of our boiling-point frustration over our Black women, men and children being profiled, targeted, brutalized and murdered is founded in the earnest need to be acknowledged, respected and treated with dignity as EQUALLY HUMAN? And, with that, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? From Crispus Attucks to numerous common lynchings to "Ain’t I A Woman" to the Rosewood massacre to Emmit Till to Claudette Colvin to the Clinton 12 & Little Rock 9 to the Freedom Rides to Rodney King to James Byrd to Abner Louima to Jena 6 to Alonzo Ashley to Ronette Morales to Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Ronisha McBride, Eric Gardner, John Crawford, 18 year old Michael Brown being shot 9 times with his hands in the air and left uncovered & dead in the street for FOUR HOURS and the latest Ezell Ford exterminated by LAPD just last night, the motivation has been that of the desire to just be counted as valuable human lives! #HumanRights

What you can not do is borrow the ideology from the opposing side that says some life is more valuable than others. Nope. How does that thinking differ from a supremacist’s? #Selah

Perhaps I’m so perplexed by this situation because both "hot button issues" (Black endangerment/experience in America & Mental Illness awareness/care) directly affect me. If that be the case, I’ll be the oracle here and disseminate some clarity:

Irrespective of race, faith, family, gender, sexuality, number of good or bad deeds, celebrity, height, weight, social status, appearance, career, wealth, education, résumé, fitness level, talents, popularity, sickness, criminal or health records, natural cause of death, war, accident, at the hands of law enforcement or department of corrections, genocide, homicide or suicide, each human life is of equal value… Maybe not to you on a personal level and, we know, not to media outlets of any sort but, IN REAL LIFE, we all carry the same worth. #MikeBrown AND #RobinWilliams deaths are both saddening and worth the mourning that comes from those who feel a loss.

So, it is NOT acceptable to tell people how or what to feel or degrade their bereavement. Furthermore, you MAY NOT attempt to negate or discount one’s life/death to exalt another for advancement of a cause and/or because you don’t approve of, understand or even empathize with one’s very real struggle… Such stigmatization must end. #RemoveTheStigma

I wasn’t going to address any of this because I am really not in a good enough place to stomach full out debate… Especially, the arguements declaring [self] righteousness that are watered down, out of context, sort-of-kind-of references to churchy clichés that are already theologically loose. But, I’m tired. Y’all be blessed and SHOW LOVE today.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016; 7:18 AM

G’morning, Good People!

I’ve a few question for you all this AM: Are you willing to accept (PLATONIC) #Love? Do you love? How, Who and Why do you love? Is your love at all dictated by or soley dependent on a desire for reciprocity? How can you be more loving/spread love wherever you are?

Why am I asking? Start #StLog:
We have all witnessed deflection or done the rejecting ourselves when shown love through complements. Instead of a simple, "Thank you" we force extra modesty saying stuff like, "Awe nah! That’s you!" "Tryna get on your level, doc!" "Quit playing" or flat out deny, deny, deny! LOL. I know I’m guilty of that behavior; my paint is still wet (#UnderConstruction). Lately I’ve experienced something disturbing to me. I have noticed an increasing number of people struggle receiving the phrase "I love you" without some sort of qualifier that, in most cases, negates the seriousness those words. Not just the words either. Acts of love, helpfulness & general kindness. Many even question their worthiness of the directed love as though they’re undeserving or dismiss it as "Thirst". Well, I wanna help some soften of the societal callouses & dismantle misguided pride that I think play a part some of the inability to accept platonic love by sharing a bit of my love’s motivation. Below is why/how/who EYE love. Now, take this #Agape, #Phileo & #Storge! It’s okay. Here you go… I Love YOU!

Behind My ILY bka #FinePrint:
-Yes, I am sure! Final answer. 😉
-Of course it is relative; there are layers & levels to this but yep, tis indeed love.
-ILY because I’ve been forgiven… a lot! And, forgiving others lifts a huge burden from me. #Forgiveness (not forgetfulness or blockade from consequences) is a full circle love impacting all involved.
-Because I was built to love. And, because I am so loved, I have plenty love to share.
-No, I am not dying or planning to soon but, if I do go, now you know…!
-Because love is a huge proverbial bouquet of flowers best when given in real-time rather than retroactively; Tomorrow or even later today aren’t promised.
-I am not IN love with you/I’m not ‘bae’. This ain’t 60s-90s R&B (LOL); most love isn’t #Eros & none of this post is. I mean, "don’tchu put that on me, Ricky Bobby!" Amen? Amen.
-ILY because I just do
-ILY because grace & mercy…
-ILY because everybody needs love
-Because, although I’m still paying for college (10,000 years later, LOL-thru tears) & funding my own career (keep us business owners/independent contractors lifted, ya hear?), my greatest aspiration aim is to #GiveLove & owe no one anything but to love!
-ILY where you are in life right now, your growth as well as your potential/promise(s)
-ILY (& myself) enough to, when warranted, express boundaries, tell you ‘no’, call you on your folly, and/or love you from afar.
-No, I am not buttering you up; no ulterior motives
-Nope, I don’t have a crush on you or #WannaBeStartinSomethin (please don’t hit my inbox with foolishness, LOL-but really).
-There is unbelievable strength in love; it’s my super power
-ILY because hate, much like crack, is wack!
-Irrespective of your faith, life, race, condition, etc… #ILY, NEIGHBOR!
-Even if never one-on-one, ILY uniquely & just for who you are. That’s BeYOUtiful!
-I say & show it as much as possible because I am #Human, a weirdo & lifelong socially awkward person (LBVS). I know what it’s like to wonder, be hurt/rejected/unwanted/unfairly judged & feel unloved/invalid/dismissed/misunderstood/like slaw. You should hear/know that you are valued, special, necessary, supported, dope and loved!
-It is the crux of my faith and communion with #God; I love everybody!
-I’m a loving person & active in the full spectrum of love (from high-fives to hugs to flipping tables to #BLM to swift yet tactful rebuke).
-It helps me love/accept myself more & more. #Brillianaire
-It isn’t based on deeds/kind words/gifts/money (I’ll gleefully accept those, tho)
-It’s not to hear the words or feel the sentiment back. Either way, I am blessed to know I am wealthy with love.
-Because I strive to walk in Love, Joy, Peace, Long Suffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness…
-My bare minimum is thee BIGGEST #LOVE; ILY from my whole heart and with the love of the real, #LovingKindness #Jesus…
(please note: not slave trade to imaginary "post racial" #WhiteJesus or the condemnation drenched false depiction of the Lord in on the lips of hateful, bigoted, cowardly & wayward people).

I am NOT saying I have it all together or that universal, unconditional & meciful love is easy… AT ALL. It is actually the exact opposite of that; Still I press…! I hope this makes sense. I’d edit & proof if I were rested… 😨

Now, Be loved & loving! You’re worth it all!

9:01 AM

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