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Greetings, Good People!

I pray all is well with you and yours! I am so grateful to have YOU as a part of my JoFoKe-Mail caravan! Enjoy the ride!! 😉
Special thanks to those of you who, despite living outside of Colorado, have chosen to keep up with me! The goal is to take the JoFoKe show (and PRODUCT!) on the road SOON! Stay tuned!!! Meanwhile, PLEASE keep spreading the word! It is most appreciated!!

Family Happy Hour? Yes, Please!

As a part of their Summer Concert Series at Cleatz, Soulstice Radio & House of Music Present: JoFoKe’s Back-to-School Family Happy Hour! THIS Sunday, August 24, 4-8 PM, ALL AGES! FREE ENTRY! LIVE MUSIC! GIVEAWAYS (including John Legend tickets!!!)! GREAT FOOD! DANCING! GOOD, CLEAN FUN!

PLUS, I will be showcasing some of my own personal “Black Gold” (my family & friends)! Yes, my extended family, nephews, siblings, MOM AND DAD are performing! We’re getting it in like it’s a good ol’ family reunion! EVERYBODY IS WELCOME! You even have time to get in that good after church nap! DON’T MISS IT!!! We’ll also take a #DontShoot #AllLivesMatter #JusticeForAll mass photo! Meet us at Cleatz!!! Tell some friends, bring some friends and come jam with us!!!

CLEATZ @Northfield Stapleton
8336 Northfield Blvd, Denver, CO 80230
DeeJay SD is spinnin! Live Music starts at 5PM!

What’s Up Next…

Sun, 8/24- Cleatz – All Ages Family Happy Hour (above), 4-8PM, FREE!

Sat, 8/30- Encore Babyface Tribute w/ Pg. 6ix at Jazz@Jack’s, 6-8PM, 21+, $10 ADV, $15 Door

Fri, 9/5- Harold Rapp III & JoFoKe: ONE NIGHT ONLY!!! at The Soiled Dove Underground w/ Harold Rapp III & Dj Big Spade aka Dr. Xclusive, 8PM, 21+ or with parent/guardian, $10/$15 ADV, $12/$17 DOOR

Sun, 9/7-JoFoKe at Jazz@Jack’s, 21+, FREE, 8:30PM-12AM

Sat, 9/13- New Hope BC’s “Jokes & Jazz w/ Shed G, JoFoKe & friends”, 6-9PM, 18+, $25 (online ticket purchase pending)

For more information on how to book me for your local, national or even international events (public or private), simply make your way to!

In addition to booking inquiries, a public performance schedule, music and other JoFoKe information can be found on

Thanks again for your support!

Be Blessed!


Click the microphone to hear my impromptu live recording of “People Make the World Go ‘Round”! Special thanks to DeeJay SD and for this recording.
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Monday, August 12, 2014, 12:19 PM

My prayer is that we love. I pray that we intentionally exercise love in all that we do. God, please teach us how to love; that we will learn to adequately love ourselves and use that internal love to exhibit and practice GRACE both toward ourselves and in how we accept, view, listen, learn and interact with others. Help us to truly help one another. Help us be longsuffering and peaceful in what we say, do, think and feel. Lord, help us to love; help us always choose to love. #IJN, Amen.

I am floored by how many people unashamedly spew venomous and hateful speech in regard–or disregard to human life. And, then want to “Bible beat” to somehow justisify their outlandishly calloused words, using a misquoted, half of scripture about LOVE, no doubt… Come on! Like, really? And then, want to go deeper into hate speech by asserting what mortal deaths/lives matter MORE than others? Do you folks not see how you are arguing something contrary to the cause your are currently trying to champion?!

The very crux of our boiling-point frustration over our Black women, men and children being profiled, targeted, brutalized and murdered is founded in the earnest need to be acknowledged, respected and treated with dignity as EQUALLY HUMAN? And, with that, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? From Crispus Attucks to numerous common lynchings to “Ain’t I A Woman” to the Rosewood massacre to Emmit Till to Claudette Colvin to the Clinton 12 & Little Rock 9 to the Freedom Rides to Rodney King to James Byrd to Abner Louima to Jena 6 to Alonzo Ashley to Ronette Morales to Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Ronisha McBride, Eric Gardner, John Crawford, 18 year old Michael Brown being shot 9 times with his hands in the air and left uncovered & dead in the street for FOUR HOURS and the latest Ezell Ford exterminated by LAPD just last night, the motivation has been that of the desire to just be counted as valuable human lives! #HumanRights

What you can not do is borrow the ideology from the opposing side that says some life is more valuable than others. Nope. How does that thinking differ from a supremacist’s? #Selah

Perhaps I’m so perplexed by this situation because both “hot button issues” (Black endangerment/experience in America & Mental Illness awareness/care) directly affect me. If that be the case, I’ll be the oracle here and disseminate some clarity:

Irrespective of race, faith, family, gender, sexuality, number of good or bad deeds, celebrity, height, weight, social status, appearance, career, wealth, education, résumé, fitness level, talents, popularity, sickness, criminal or health records, natural cause of death, war, accident, at the hands of law enforcement or department of corrections, genocide, homicide or suicide, each human life is of equal value… Maybe not to you on a personal level and, we know, not to media outlets of any sort but, IN REAL LIFE, we all carry the same worth. #MikeBrown AND #RobinWilliams deaths are both saddening and worth the mourning that comes from those who feel a loss.

So, it is NOT acceptable to tell people how or what to feel or degrade their bereavement. Furthermore, you MAY NOT attempt to negate or discount one’s life/death to exalt another for advancement of a cause and/or because you don’t approve of, understand or even empathize with one’s very real struggle… Such stigmatization must end. #RemoveTheStigma

I wasn’t going to address any of this because I am really not in a good enough place to stomach full out debate… Especially, the arguements declaring [self] righteousness that are watered down, out of context, sort-of-kind-of references to churchy clichés that are already theologically loose. But, I’m tired. Y’all be blessed and SHOW LOVE today.


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